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Junction and Women's Housing Ltd  (JWH) was established on 1 May 2014 as a result of a merger between Junction Housing and The Women's Housing Assocation.  JWH is Junction Australia's  registered community housing provider.


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For more than 30 years, The Women's Housing Association met the needs of women who had experienced domestic violence, removing a key obstacle faced by many as they re-established their lives.  Women's Housing was a vital and integral part of halting the domestic violence cycle, enabling women and children to rebuild their lives and become contributing members of the commuity.

In the early 1970s some members of the SA Women’s Electoral Lobby and Women’s Liberation Movement began to politically agitate—usually from strategic positions on State Government committees—for funding to establish an urgently needed refuge for women and children driven from their homes by domestic violence.

SA’s first government-funded Women’s Shelter was opened in Childers Street, North Adelaide in November 1974.  Its first coordinator, Dawn McMahon, along with many other women (and the men who lent their support) did not rest with this achievement but continued throughout the 1970s their campaign for community housing for women and children experiencing domestic abuse.  Six years after the opening of the North Adelaide Shelter, another five women’s shelters opened in metropolitan Adelaide and one in a regional town.

While a women’s shelter was an essential place of refuge from domestic violence, it was only short-term accommodation and therefore an inadequate solution to women’s on-going desperation.  Women & children were inevitably caught in a repetitive cycle of hopelessness, abuse and homelessness because it would be necessary to move out of the temporary shelter and back into the violent domestic settings from which they had fled.

After hundreds of hours of volunteer labour, which included support from several government bureaucracies and pro bono legal advice, the women activists finally realised their goal.  In December 1980 The Womens’ Shelter Housing Association was formally incorporated.  It was the SA Housing Trust’s first sponsorship of community housing.  It offered women and children survivors of domestic violance an opportunity to make a meaningful transition from a temporary women’s shelter into targeted medium-term rental housing managed by a community housing association.  These homes were designed to be a secure foundation (at that time available for up to four years occupation) from which women could re-build their lives and eventually move into standard Public Housing or into the private housing market.

In 1988, following two major reviews The Women’s Housing Shelters Association took its current name— The Women’s Housing Association Inc


Established in 2006, Junction Housing was a leading social and affordable housing developer delivering more than $23 million of residential projects. This included projects ranging from single dwellings through to larger scale medium density projects. We had a proven track record of developing and implementing best practice models to sustain high quality housing outcomes.

Junction Housing was a division of Junction Australia.

Junction Australia (JA) has been dynamically responding to unmet need in the South Australian community for 35 years.

JA began its life as the Teenage Accommodation Service under the auspices of the Noarlunga Family Services Board and was incorporated on 1 August 1979.  This was an initiative of members of the Noarlunga community who saw a growing homelessness problem amongst young people in the region. 

After many and varied changes to both organisational structure and the provision of services, JA took on its current name in 2005.  This coincided with the appointment of Graham Brown as Chief Executive Officer.  His brief was to assist the organisation to build upon its traditional strengths in delivery of youth services and become a more comprehensive, regionally-based community service organisation.

Today, JA offers more than 30 services across Southern Adelaide, the Fleurieu and on Kangaroo Island, employing a staff of 200 including volunteers.

Junction Australia’s registered national community
housing provider is Junction and Women’s Housing Ltd.

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